Sarum Bee Supplies

can supply anything from a queen bee in a cage with workers, through to a full starter kit to equip a new beekeeper for their first year with bees. We supply:

Sarum Bee Supplies is a family firm and specialises in providing beekeeping equipment and queens to beekeepers in Salisbury, Witshire.

Sarum Bee Supplies now has in excess of fifty colonies

spread in various apiaries across the South of Wiltshire. Some of these colonies are moved to selected areas to collect honey from some of the more unusual flowers of Wiltshire and its chalk down landscape.

We are able to offer total

bee and queen breeding advice

and Kevin Horner is a beekeeper with over 12 years experience.
13 September 2013

Here at Sarum Bee Supplies we have had many calls and visitors over the summer offering gardens, fields etc for us to place hives. Unfortunately this does not usually work as bees can be a nuisance at certain times of the year.

We are however looking at supplying packs of seeds that are pollinator friendly, so if you would like to do your bit to help the bees, an area of garden set aside with bee friendly flowers will do as much good as actually having bees in the garden but without the hassle!

11 September 2013

We are constantly hearing in the media that bees are in trouble, and I have been asked by customers through the year if anything is available to help their own bees stay healthy, especially in the coming winter months. We have been doing some research and are pleased to announce that we now have an agency for the range of “Bee Vital” products. We have some stock in at present and are planning to extend this to complete the range of products available.

We use these excellent products to get our colonies into the best possible condition for the coming winter. With the removal of Fumidil B from the market the only available Nosema treatment aimed specifically at this problem is Nozevit. This is an organic product and we are now testing this and so far the results are encouraging.