Sarum Bee Supplies

can supply anything from a queen bee in a cage with workers, through to a full starter kit to equip a new beekeeper for their first year with bees. We supply:

Sarum Bee Supplies is a family firm and specialises in providing beekeeping equipment and queens to beekeepers in Salisbury, Witshire.

Sarum Bee Supplies now has in excess of fifty colonies

spread in various apiaries across the South of Wiltshire. Some of these colonies are moved to selected areas to collect honey from some of the more unusual flowers of Wiltshire and its chalk down landscape.

We are able to offer total

bee and queen breeding advice

and Kevin Horner is a beekeeper with over 12 years experience.
About Bees
Here are a number of videos forming our series of informative documentaries.

We hope to add to this collection in the coming months to help new beekeepers with some of the practical aspects of the pastime.

If you have any special requests please e mail and we will do our best to help.

One of our 2017 breeder queens getting on with the job in hand, lovely colony, should be good daughters.

Getting themselves sorted out after a full inspection, second brood box and second super added. OSR flow on
Honey Bee Documentary